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To develop a process, you might want to start with our process introduction and then design your process using the 10 processing modules that follow. This module contains a great deal of process information.

The User Portal provides useful links to cleanroom status, training, scheduling of tools, service requests for staff assistance  and tool repair. Use the user portal once your process flow is reasonably complete to obtain tool information for your process

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History of the ASU NanoFab

The ASU NanoFab facilities are managed under the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s Center for Solid State Engineering Research.

Established in 1981, the NanoFab is an Arizona Board of Regents Center at ASU. Today, its 3800 sf cleanroom and 8 auxiliary labs provide resources and infrastructure supporting research and education of 50 faculty members, 10 post-doctoral researchers and 75 students drawn from various disciplines, including electrical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry and industrial engineering. The microelectronics research is focused in five main cross-disciplinary efforts: bio and molecular electronics, low power electronics, materials and process fundamentals, molecular beam epitaxy and optoelectronics and nanostructures and quantum structures.

Other research activities supported by CSSER include MEMS and nanofluidics, wide band gap semiconductors, high-k dielectrics and nanomagnetics.