Electrical Testing


Electrical Testing

Many processes fabricate devices or structures that will need electrical testing after completion or even during the process. The nanofab provides probe stations for IV or CV measurements and analysis. The Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer (SPA) has standard test routines for bipolar and MOSFET devices as well as diodes. It can measure currents from below 1pA to 100mA with some limits on power.


High Temperature Probe Station (HT probe) (link to manual)

This probe station is located in ERC240 and has an Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer (SPA) for IV measurements and an Hewlett-Packard impedance bridge for LCR measurements. The system has a thermal chuck and controller for temperature dependent measurements from -30V to +350C. Software is available to automate the measurement and data collection steps.

Training (link?) is available and reservations can be made (calendar link).


MDC CV system (link to manual)

This system uses an HP4284 LCR meter with MDC software to measure and analyze capacitance or inductance or ac resistance versus frequency (20Hz to 1MHz) as a function of voltage. Traditional measurements are for MOS CV measurements and analysis. A mercury probe is available for “non-destructive” contacts to films; alternatively, metal contacts to the films of interest can be used with micromanipulators. The system is located in ERC240.


Probe station

Another probe station with an Agilent 4155C is available adjacent to the clean room (ERC127) with 4 micromanipulators. This allows probing of samples during processing such as checking for ohmic contacts or other types of IV measurements.


Blue Probe Station

This probe station is also in ERC240 and has an Agilent 4155C attached.


Additional testing capabilities are available through CSSER faculty.

Some assembly capabilities are also available in the nanofab including wire bonding and die bonding.





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February 17, 2015