Plasma Etching

Plasma Etching

Plasma Etching

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Etch Questions

Etch Planning

How to choose an etch tool and process

Tool List Chemistries Etches Plasma Type Restrictions Reservations
Oxford Plasmalab 80+ F (Floey) CF4, CHF3, SF6, O2, Ar SiO2, Si3N4, Si, RIE No metal Floey
Oxford Plasmalab 80+ Cl (Cloey) Cl2, BCl3, O2, Ar, SF4 Al, Si, RIE Cloey
STS DRIE (Bosch Process) SF6, C4H8, O2 Si ICP No Metal STS – Silicon
STS All General Etch Cl2, BCl3, O2, CH4, H2 GaAs, GaN ICP STS – General
Xactix E-1 XeF2 Etch system XeF2 Isotropic Si Gas phase XeF2
Tegal Ashers,1, 2, 3 O2 Photo Resist Plasma None Calendar links
Plasmatherm RIE 790 CF4, CHF3, SF6, O2, Ar SiO2, Si3N4, Si, RIE None Calendar links
Plasmatherm APEX SLR ICP BCl3, CL2, O2, Ar  GaAs, GaN ICP None Calendar links





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February 17, 2015