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Thermal Processing

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This section contains information about high temperature processes including furnace and rapid thermal processing (RTP).

Furnace processes are run in the 3-stack Tystar or the 4-stack Tempress furnace. These furnace processes are only for silicon materials and include the following: (Si Oxidation, P or B dopant diffusion, LPCVD PolySi, LPCVD Si3N4, high temperature anneal, H2-N2 metal anneal)

An overview of the process ranges are given in the following table.

These furnace process steps are run as a service to users; click this link to fill in a SR (link to SR page) including the desired target.


Oxidation Source gases Temperature Targets Range/Limits Material Clean
Field oxidation O2 +H2O(steam) 900-1050C Thickness <=2um Si only Pir,SC1,SC2
Gate oxidation O2 + Cl(trans_LC) 900-1000C Thickness 5 nm to 150 nm Si only Pir,SC1,SC2,BOE
Boron diffusion Solid source+N2 1000C Rs=40 to 5 ohm/sq Solid source B2 wafers/source Si only Pir,SC1,SC2
Phosphorus diffusion Solid source+N2 975C Rs=~20 ohm/sq Solid source P2 wafers/source Si only Pir,SC1,SC2
Metal anneal N2 + N2-5%H2 350C-450C Anneal time 15min to hours Al, Ti/TiN, Ta,TaN
High temperature anneal N2 or O2 700C-1100C Anneal T &  time Si only Pir,SC1,SC2
LPCVD Silicon deposition
LPCVD Polysilicon SiH4 650C Thickness <1um Si or SiO2 only Check
LPCVD amorphous silicon SiH4 550C Thickness <1um Si or SiO2 only Check
LPCVD Nitride
Standard nitride DCS+NH3 750C Thickness <300nm Si only
Low stress nitride DCS+NH3 835C Thickness <1um Si only

Furnace process capabilities table

Rapid thermal processing (RTP) utilizes short-time, high temperature processes in controlled environments.


RTP Temperature Range Materials Times Atmosphere Sample size Calendar links
AG Associates HeatPulse <1000C Various materials <5 min N2 RTP
 AS-One 150  RTP

RTP process capabilities table



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February 17, 2015